San Placido Society


The San Placido Society is a church affiliated organization that works in the special service of the saint in which the society is named, Placido. St. Placido or San Placido (in Italian) was an Italian man who devoted his life to Jesus Christ and performed many great miracles in his name. He was eventually martyred and later named a saint. The origins of our society stem back to our ancestors who hailed from a town in Sicily, known as Castel Di Lucio. St. Placido is honored as the patron saint of this small town. When our ancestors immigrated to America they founded the San Placido Society, to show their love for their faith and proudly express their culture in America, they’re new home.

San Placido Today

Today we still are a strong organization that is deeply rooted in our traditions. Our primary principles are to serve the church and one another, while reflecting upon the life of San Placido. Throughout the year we host many events, our biggest being the feast of San Placid. During this time, we have an annual picnic the day before the feast to unite all our members in an abundance of cultural foods. Then, the day of the feast St. Anthony’s Church hosts a celebratory mass in honor of St. Placido, followed by a few miles procession through the streets of south side Easton. During this procession sweat, tears, laughter, singing, and dancing give way to a beautiful celebration that beats in the hearts of everyone present year after year. Other events include monthly meetings, Halloween trick or treat for the children, and an annual Christmas party.

Meetings are held monthly for members who are trustees of the organization, and quarterly for the rest of the society. Although, many of our members consist of Italian decent we have no bias against any other cultural or racial differences. We accept these differences and are always ready and willing to welcome new members with open arms. Our only requirement is that since we are a church affiliated organization you must be Catholic to join.